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How to keep rats away from your property naturally


Getting rid of rat intrusions in your home is never child’s play: it is an operation that requires a great deal of time and effort, in addition to being potentially dangerous for toddlers and pets.

For many, it is much more convenient to keep rats away than to exterminate them. If this is your case, there are some completely natural ways to prevent rat intrusion. You can keep them away with specific odours, natural predators or, even better, proper prevention methods.

Keep rats away naturally with odours

Rats have a very strong sense of smell, which makes them particularly sensitive to repellent odours. Peppermint, lemongrass and castor oil are very effective at keeping them away. You can soak cotton balls in them and put them in places that rodents are attracted to.

Crushed pepper is also an excellent natural repellent. This spice, which is more commonly used during meals, can help you get rid of rats by keeping them away.

Scare rats away with their natural predators

Like all animals, rats have a survival instinct that helps them detect threats and react accordingly. You can easily manipulate this instinct to keep them away by using their greatest fear: their predators.

Having a cat in your home will keep rats away and they won’t dare venture into an area where they can smell their biggest predator. If you are unable to have a cat, try to get your hands on some used and dried litter or owl feathers and place them in strategic locations.

Naturally keep rats away from your property with prevention methods

The best way to keep rats away from your home is to make sure they can’t access it. This requires a full-scale inspection of the premises to determine potential rodent entry points. You will then be able to make your home rodent proof.

Once you have found these entry points, you will need to seal them. Keep in mind that, despite their large size, rats can slip through very small openings: no hole is too small. You also need to make sure your sewer lines are in good condition, since rats frequently infiltrate through them. A team of pest control professionals can help you determine potential entry points to your home.

Finally, if you want to minimize the risk of intrusion as much as possible, avoid leaving garbage around your property and store all food in well sealed containers.

Avalanche Extermination can help you naturally prevent rats from invading your property

No one is better equipped to identify the risk factors for rat infestation on a property than an exterminator. At Avalanche Extermination, our technicians have in-depth knowledge of rodent habits and are trained to immediately notice potential entry points and elements that could attract pests.

If you want natural and effective protection against rats, you are more than welcome to contact us. We would be happy to discuss the best solutions for your property.